Sort Streets by Name Using Python

North Davidson Street, Naramore Street and Davidson Street, if sorting street names, these streets should be together. However, if these street names are in a list »

Get Layer Selected Feature Count Using Python

Update 20 minuts after posting: I remembered the GetCount_management tool honors selections. Hence, if you use this tool, it does the same thing. This mostly »

Getting Started with the ArcGIS iOS SDK

If you want to edit spatial data in the field, one of the best things going is Collector for ArcGIS. If you want to accomodate custom »

Web Mapping at the Northwest GIS Conference

For many extremely competent GIS professionals, the prospect of creating web mapping applications is extremely intimidating. It really does not have to be. Taking advantage of »

Testing Regular Expressions

Extracting pieces of text out of larger strings based on patterns, this is what regular expression matching facilitates. It really is great stuff...once you wrap »

Recursively List Data Using arcpy.da.walk

Although the ArcGIS Python package arcpy does include the capabilty to list a huge variety of data objects, if the data is contained in nested directories »

Ghost blogging

Don't worry. I am standing by for the flaming for the following statement. PHP needs to die. There are far superior solutions avaialable built on much »

Gruntfile for Getting Started with Grunt

Learning all this Node.js stuff (albeit very,┬ávery slowly) means a lot of run, cancel, restart and addition to all the other things »

Express & Express CLI Generator Setup at 4.0

This whole Node.js and Express thing, I am pretty new to it. Once I figure out how to get it working, I am sure it »

Automatically Restart Node.js During Development

Recently I have been attempting to learn at least a little bit about Node.js development. It only took about 15 minutes before getting completely sick »