A Single Fitness Tracker - MapMyWhatever

Let's just get something out of the way from the get go, I am a map geek - and pretty much a geek in general. Although »

Tuning PostgreSQL

First off, let's all make sure we are on the same page. I, Joel McCune, am by no stretch of the imagination, a database administrator. Still, »

Silently Install ArcGIS for Server

In the last couple of days I have been trying to get a few configurations of ArcGIS for Server set up on Virtual Machines (VM's). Along »

Expand VMWare Windows Virtual Machine Disk Size

Recently, when attempting to install software on a VMWare virtual machine (VM), I needed to expand the disk to have enough space. Searching the net yeilded »

Change Windows 7 Login Background

Many times the motivation for putting up posts on this blog is every bit as much for my own reference as yours. My theory is if »

ArcGIS Server CentOS Install Script

With the release of ArcGIS 10.3, now CentOS is officially supported as an operating system for ArcGIS for Server. This week I managed to successfully »

Sort Streets by Name Using Python

North Davidson Street, Naramore Street and Davidson Street, if sorting street names, these streets should be together. However, if these street names are in a list »

Get Layer Selected Feature Count Using Python

Update 20 minuts after posting: I remembered the GetCount_management tool honors selections. Hence, if you use this tool, it does the same thing. This mostly »

Getting Started with the ArcGIS iOS SDK

If you want to edit spatial data in the field, one of the best things going is Collector for ArcGIS. If you want to accomodate custom »

Web Mapping at the Northwest GIS Conference

For many extremely competent GIS professionals, the prospect of creating web mapping applications is extremely intimidating. It really does not have to be. Taking advantage of »