Esri Vector Tile Basemaps...The Why

Vector tile support along with base maps are part of a recent ArcGIS Online update. So then, why do you care? Vector tiles offer potentially smaller »

Please Give Me Rain!

True, most of the material on my blog typically is nauseatingly technical, a written manifestation of my inner geek escaping into the internet. This little short »

Sort Streets by Name Using Python Improved!

Collaboration is a good thing. Much of the time the resources I discuss on this blog and via GitHub repos and Gists, it feels a bit »

Beer Me - The Beer Map Download Tool

After unleasing the Brewery Finder on the world yesterday, a lot of people have been asking about the data source. Since I actually wrote a script »

A Map for Happy Hour

Ever since starting life as a mapping professional close to a decade ago I have traveled quite a bit for work. No matter where I am »

A Single Fitness Tracker - MapMyWhatever

Let's just get something out of the way from the get go, I am a map geek - and pretty much a geek in general. Although »

Tuning PostgreSQL

First off, let's all make sure we are on the same page. I, Joel McCune, am by no stretch of the imagination, a database administrator. Still, »

Silently Install ArcGIS for Server

In the last couple of days I have been trying to get a few configurations of ArcGIS for Server set up on Virtual Machines (VM's). Along »

Expand VMWare Windows Virtual Machine Disk Size

Recently, when attempting to install software on a VMWare virtual machine (VM), I needed to expand the disk to have enough space. Searching the net yeilded »

Change Windows 7 Login Background

Many times the motivation for putting up posts on this blog is every bit as much for my own reference as yours. My theory is if »