ArcGIS for Server Credentials Self-Service

I am jumping the gun a little on this one, but there is a good reason. Off and on, when time allows, I have been putting together a solution to a common issue when an ArcGIS for Server site is set up to use the local user store. When the local user store is used, only the administrator can change any of the user's credentials. This means individual users cannot change their own password.

The solution involves a geoprocessing and web component. The solution includes a Python geoprocessing script tool to be published to the ArcGIS for Server site. The web component is little more than an html form posting to the rest endpoint made available by publishing the script.

I have the first part working, the Python script. This is the part where my experience is. I Python. The web form has slowed me down a smidge though. Although slogging away at it, I still have some work to do before the form validation and posting is all working correctly, the way I want it to.

This is why I am telling you about this before it is fully baked. If you have the expertise to help out, this project is already publicly available as a GitHub repo. Please feel free to fork it and help out with  finishing the validate_change_pass.js file. I welcome any assistance and expertise to get this completed.