Create `arcgis` Conda Environment with a Batch File

Although first and foremost a Geographer, after transitioning to the GeoAI Business Development Team at Esri, now I spend most of my time in Jupyter Lab. Although not altogther difficult, if following best practices, when installing other packages and modifying the primary Conda environment shipped with ArcGIS Pro, arcgispro-py3, you should clone this environment so you do not break the main one.

When setting up a new machine, there are a number of packages I always install. Between cloning the environment and installing these packages, I am already up to three lines on the command line. Further, with the map widget now supporting Jupyter Lab, this requires another couple of lines to get configured.

Scripting is all about working smarter, not working harder. Hence, instead of doing this repeatedly, especially when setting up machines for our booth on the Esri User Conference floor, I cobbled together the following script to speed up the process, and ensure I did not forget anything.

This is merely what I have been using. The packages you need or want may not be the same. However, hopefully this gives you an easy start to streamline this process a bit!