CSV to SpatialDataFrame

"Why don't I just send you a sample of our data, and see what you can do with it?"

As a Solution Engineer, I have heard these words more times than I can count. As a result, increasingly I find a large part of my job being data wrangling or data munging, distilling data into something resembling intelligible information.

Hopefully this data includes coordinates in some form. If it does, the process is relatively straight forward to get it first into a Pandas DataFrame, and then into an ArcGIS Python API SpatialDataFrame. Once in a SpatialDataFrame, in addition to the normal data analysis capabilities available to data in a Pandas DataFrame, the geometry objects can be topologically evaluated against other geometry objects, and the data can be output to a variety of formats...including published directly to an Esri Web GIS, either ArcGIS Online or an instance of ArcGIS Portal.

Since this is something I find myself doing so frequently, I saved an example as a Gist, and it is embedded here. Hopefully, if you are trying to sort out how to do the same, you find this useful!