Getting a Harvard Education

One of these days I really do need to learn how to program. Most of the things I want to do with computers at  this juncture, they just are not even possible, or would be immensely easier if I had some sort of programming background.

There is a university here in Charlotte. Yes, a programming night class to get started is a very good idea. The problem is I travel too much, so that just is not a possibility. I have been fiddling with ideas on how to do this for some time.

It seems the idea of e-learning could provide a solution. Looking around at some options recently, I stumbled over EdX, a joint venture between Harvard and MIT. They are offering real classes through e-learning and it is free. One of the offerings is CS50, Harvard's introduction to computer science class. I am giving it a try. After all, when somebody offers a Harvard eduction for free, what other answer is there?