Ghost blogging

Don't worry. I am standing by for the flaming for the following statement. PHP needs to die. There are far superior solutions avaialable built on much more modern tehcnologies. One of the more prevelant examples is Node.js. My blog, what you are reading right now, is a perfect example. It used to be on Wordpress. Now it is on Ghost.

The web server landscape is quickly moving toward Node.js for web applications. Some of the largest websites and retailers are realizing the benefits of this platform. For those of us who are mere mortals, who do not spend our entire lives slinging code, taking advantage of this technology thankfully is not unrealistic. This is due to the recent explosion of frameworks streamlining web application development. Ghost is actually uses one of these frameworks, Ember.js, for the administration interface and is served from a Node.js server.

Lately I have been trying to learn this brave new world of frameworks and web applications. This journey has included attempting to wrap my head around MongoDB, Mongoose, Node.js, Express, Twitter Bootstrap and Ember.js. I still absolutely stink at all of them. However, I have learned enough to recognize the power of this pardigm. It seemed rather foolish to be trying to learn the next generation of web technologies ang blog about these very ideas using Wordpress on the LAMP stack.

Searching for a project already moving this direction quickly led to Ghost. Thankfully, moving to Ghost is throughly documented. Although I did make a few mistakes along the way, following the Wordpress Migration docs exactly did the trick and now you are reading the result, a blog actually built on modern technology!