Gruntfile for Getting Started with Grunt

Learning all this Node.js stuff (albeit very, very slowly) means a lot of run, cancel, restart and addition to all the other things I should be doing if learning best practices for web development. As with most things in life and especially development, somebody has already come up with a better solution. This solution is called Grunt.

To begin grunting (at least in this sense), I picked up Getting Started with Grunt: The JavaScript Task Runner. Every exercise in this book requires creating a new folder, and since I like to keep things organized as much as practicable, I create a folder for each chapter. Hence, with around 10 exercises per chapter, this is a lot of directories and files being created.

Although not done with the book yet, about halfway through I broke out and with a little hacking, created a Gruntfile for creating more Gruntfiles for each exercise. If you want to use this task runner for yourself, it is available as a gist.