COVID Office Evolution

COVID Office Evolution

For a long time I resisted creating a home office. We live in an 1,800 square foot house built in 1924. About a year ago, we moved the boys into the same bedroom, and my wife took over the nursery as an office since she works from home, pandemic or not. During the pandemic though, this left me migrating around the house with my laptop and headset throughout the day in search of productivity.

In April we parked our baby Airstream across the street since this situation was only going to be temporary. Little did we know at the time...

Baby Airstream across the street

The Airstream offered a quiet workspace away from our screaming three and five year old boys.

"Workspace" inside the Airstream

Six months in, and with no end in sight, I was missing the dual monitors in my office, and the neighbors really needed the street parking. I spend a lot of time looking at code, and my 15-inch screen just was not cutting it anymore. I ordered a 27-inch high resolution ultra-wide screen, commandeered the laundry table in the basement of our 1924 house, and set up a workspace nestled between the water heater and the dryer.

Home office

While most photos on the internet of, "home offices," are quaint spaces set up with ergonomic sit-stand desks and good lighting, I strongly suspect, more often than not, most home office spaces look more like mine than these ideal spaces shared online.

Here's the thing, after two weeks of working in the laundry room, I really like my workspace. After all, if there is too much noise in the house to concentrate, I just turn on the dryer.