One Foot...and Then the Other

Running, being long, lanky and gaunt by nature, running is something I always seem to be able to do with not much difficulty. Last week, while in Melbourne, Florida for work, I ran most mornings on the beach. Most would consider this to be absolute paradise. I am not going to rain on their parade. It is obvious why some people really like it, but I am not one of those people. Today I was back in my element, to a degree at least.

Today I ran on trails. After working way too long today, I got home and headed out for a run. Even this afternoon, I knew this was what I needed after work even though it has been likely six months since I have run besides last week in Florida.

Due to simple geography, there was another element to the run, something adding a very welcome element to the experience. I live across the Catawba River from the whitewater center. The easiest way to get there is to paddle. The right boat for the job was my old 4m Zealot. It has not seen the water in likely a year or more. I had forgotten how nicely a 4m boat glides. Reaching the other side, since having to paddle over there, it provided a degree of separation, a process by which to transition to another world.

After lacing up my shoes and heading out, the best description of the first 30 minutes or so would be a dumpster falling apart while trying to roll uphill. It just was not working all too well. Fortunately, this running thing, it is something I have done for a long time. Eventually, this body of mine, it remembers.

The last 15 minutes things started working like they were supposed to again. The uphills were not any more wonderful. It takes a couple of weeks and some fitness to enjoy those, to be able to charge them with gusto and glee. The flats and downhills though, the gilde came back. My body remembered. It was good.

The return paddle was pleasant with the sun just setting through the trees. Again the 4m boat's glide was welcome. Returning to the Mount Holly side again, still sticky and sweaty, a swim was in order. Although not taking a lot of time, I did enjoy the sensation of gliding under the water, something else I really love.

A decent run, a gliding 4m boat, and the flying sensation of gliding under water. It was all about being in the moment and enjoying the simple pleasures. Tonight was a good night.