Yeoman Generator for Bootstrap-Map-JS

Getting started building web mapping applications can be a daunting task at best. In many cases, the recent emergence of generators has greatly lowered the point of entry when getting started with many web frameworks and API's. Unfortunately, when I first started working with the Bootstrap-Map-JS project templates, there was not a generator available and I spent a tremendous amount of time figuring out how all the paths needed to be modified to get the templates to work.  This is why I created a Yeoman generator, esri-bootstrap-map to make both your life and my life a little easier when attempting to quickly scaffold out a web mapping application.

If you are interested in getting started with the ArcGIS JavaScript API, this generator is a good place to start. Especially just choosing the full map template, you already have a fully functional web map. True, it does not have much more than a basemap. However, to get your layers onto this map involves little more than adding a layer to the js/map.js file using one of the Esri JavaScript API samples as a guide or following the API documentation directly.

Even if you have experience already with the ArcGIS JavaScript API, this generator can greatly streamline your workflow. Further, if you find a good way to improve the templates or add more, please do using the instructions detailed in the repository. I would love nothing more than this generator to include a whole host of excellent templates! After all, it would make my life easier as well!