Green Narrows Trail Map

Saturday 05 Nov 2011 at high noon the first racer will leave the eddy above Bride of Frankenstein on the Green River in North Carolina just outside of Hendersonville and head into the Narrows. Less than six minutes later, after descending over 500 feet through close to 10 class V rapids, the first racer will have finished the course. There rapids include friendly names such as Frankenstein, Go Left and Die, Gorilla and Scream Machine.

Every minute for the next few hours, another racer will start. All the safety is voluntary. There is no entry fee, no race sponsors and no prize money. The hike in to watch is a two mile walk ending with a quarter mile scramble dropping over 400 feet down into the gorge. Yet there will be over 200 racers and over 1,500 spectators for the Green Race, arguably the most prestigious extreme race in the country.

For the paddlers, getting there is not very difficult. However, for many of the spectators, this will be their first time trying to figure out how to get into the gorge. Although there is the generally accepted regular route down the Pulliam Creek trail, there are also other alternatives for getting into the gorge provided you do not mind walking a little further.

If interested in these other routes, want to figure out driving directions, or want to figure out another way in and out of the gorge, hopefully this map can be of assistance.

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