Ever since starting life as a mapping professional close to a decade ago I have traveled quite a bit for work. No matter where I am at, I always try to find local establishments for dinner and especially for happy hour. Tasty brews are very much a good thing. Thankfully I stumbled over a great dataset recently shared out by CraftBeer.com.

Craft Beer actually has done an impressive job of creating a website enabling locating breweries close to your location. However, being the map geek I am, I desired something more map centric and easier to use on a mobile device. Thankfully, ArcGIS makes this pretty easy. After a quick Python data conversion from xml to a feature class, creating this map was as easy as File > Share As... in ArcMap.

Finally, there is also a responsive web mapping application created using this map you can bookmark for the next time you, like myself, find yourself in a new town in search of a unique local brewery for happy hour.